• Albany Records
    Contact Albany Records for Hilary Demske's recording of Martin's Selected Piano Music (TROY1171) and the Innisfree Trio recording of Martin's Chamber Music for Strings and Piano (TROY804): 581-436-8814.
  • Bridge Records
    Contact Bridge Records for Martin's recording of Preludes and Fugues, Part 2 (for piano solo): 914-654-9270
  • GM Recordings
    Contact GM Recordings for the Buechner CD of Martin's Preludes and Fugues: 617-332-6328.
  • Teresa McCollough
    Go to her website for more information on her performances and her CD New American Piano Music (Innova Records 552), which includes Martin's "Praeludium et Fuga XIII—A Slow Drag." There is an mp3 sample of this piece on her website.
  • The Bridge, Albany, and McCollough CDs may also be purchased at the following sites:

  • CDeMusic
  • amazon.com
  • CDuniverse.com

  • Shawnee Press (via jwpepper.com)
    Shawnee Press distributes Martin's Preludes and Fugues for piano solo (1990–2000). Their status is "print on demand," which is handled by another company, J.W. Pepper. Call Pepper at 800-345-6296 and ask for catalog numbers MA5052, MB5052, MC5052M, and MD5052M for each of the four groups of the Preludes and Fugues. For internet purchases, it's easier to search by catalog number via the link above.
  • Scarecrow Press
    Contact them for copies of Charlie Parker and Thematic Improvisation, Annual Review of Jazz Studies No. 8, and Counterpoint (ISBN 0-8108-5409-0): 800-462-6420.
  • Cengage Publishing
    Contact them for copies of Jazz, the First 100 Years, 3rd ed. (ISBN 978-1-4390-8333-8), and Essential Jazz, the First 100 Years, 2nd ed. (ISBN 978-0-495-50525-9): 800-423-0563.

  • Masters Program in Jazz History and Research
    The Masters Degree in Jazz History and Research at Rutgers University in Newark is the only degree program dedicated to jazz scholarship. Martin teaches jazz theory in this program.
  • Institute of Jazz Studies
    The Institute of Jazz Studies is the world's leading archive dedicated to jazz recordings and research materials. The IJS helps support the masters degree program in jazz history and research at Rutgers University in Newark, where Henry Martin is professor of music.
  • Jazz Interest Group of the Society for Music Theory
    The Society for Music Theory (SMT) is a professional organization dedicated to research and scholarship in music theory. Henry Martin founded the SMT interest group in jazz music theory (SMT-Jz) in 1995 and served as its director until 2008. To join the SMT-Jz listserv, send an email to Steve Larson with this request. For more on SMT-Jz activities, visit our website.
  • Jazz Theory Bibliography
    by Henry Martin and J. Kent Williams.
  • Jazz Piano Collective
    The Jazz Piano Collective is a group of four pianists (including Henry Martin) who perform jazz in various styles and lecture about jazz from a music-theoretical perspective.
  • Copland House
    The Copland House, the former home of Aaron Copland in Cortlandt Manor, New York, is a retreat for composers. Henry Martin was in residence there from March 7 to April 10, 2007.
  • American Music Center