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Henry Martin
Selected Piano Music
Hilary Demske, Piano

Pippa's Song

Piano Sonata No.4: At Midnight's Hour

Inventiones (1997)
Inventio I
Inventio II
Inventio III
Inventio IV
Inventio V
Inventio VI
Inventio VII

New Prelude XVI
New Fuga XVI

Four Jazz Scenes (1980)
1. Bopper
2. Blumen
3. Bistro
4. Bad Trip


Henry Martin
Preludes & Fugues, Part 2
Henry Martin, Piano

Praeludium et Fuga XIII—A Slow Drag (Gb Major)
Praeludium XIV (F# minor)
Fuga XIV (F# minor)
Praeludium XV (G Major)
Fuga XV (G Major)
Praeludium XVI (G minor)
Fuga XVI (G minor)
Praeludium XVII (Ab Major)
Fuga XVII (Ab Major)
Praeludium XVIII (Ab minor)
Fuga XVIII (Ab minor)
Praeludium XIX (A Major)
Fuga XIX (A Major)

Praeludium XX (A minor)
Fuga XX (A minor)
Praeludium XXI (Bb Major)
Fuga XXI (Bb Major)
Praeludium XXII (Bb minor)
Fuga XXII (Bb minor)
Praeludium XXIII (B Major)
Fuga XXIII (B Major)
Praeludium XXIV (B minor)
Fuga XXIV (B minor)


Henry Martin
Preludes and Fugues
Sara Davis Buechner, Piano

Group One (1990)
Praeludium I (C major)
Fuga I (C major)
Praeludium II (C minor)
Fuga II (C minor)
Praeludium III (Dþ major)
Fuga III (Dþ major)
Praeludium IV (C# minor)
Fuga IV (C# minor)
Praeludium V (D major)
Fuga V (D major)
Praeludium VI (D minor)
Fuga VI (D minor)
Group Two (1991-92)
Praeludium VII (Eþ major)
Fuga VIII (Eþ major)
Praeludium VIII (Eþ minor)
Fuga VIII (Eþ minor)
Praeludium IX (E major)
Fuga IX (E major)
Praeludium X (E minor)
Fuga X (E minor)
Praeludium XI (F major)
Fuga XI (F major)
Praeludium XII (F minor)
Fuga XII (F minor)

Henry Martin
Chamber Music for Strings and Piano
Innisfree Piano Trio

Piano Trio in C-Sharp Minor (2001)
1. Adagio-Allegro
2. Adagio
3. Molto allegro

Sonata for Solo Cello (2000)
4. Allegro non molto
5. À la sarabande
6. Allegro

This Living Hand: Sonata No. 2 for Violin and Piano (1995)
7. Adagio - Andante - Allegro - Adagio - Andante

Sweet Converse: Sonata for Cello and Piano (1995)
8. Poco allegro
9. Adagio rubato - Allegro non molto


New American Piano Music
Teresa McCollough, Piano

Prelude and Fugue XIII - A Slow Drag (1996)